Research areas & fields of study student got experienced in:

Department Name: Department of Chemical Engineering

I started my undergraduate course in September 2013 and completed it in September 2017.

My undergraduate dissertation was ” Simulation of Methanol To Olefin (MTO) process by ASPEN Plus softwareunder the guidance of Dr. Hamed Rashidi. 

The most important classes I took during my undergraduate course were Mass and energy balance, Fluid mechanics 1&2, Heat transfer 1&2, Mass transfer, Thermodynamics 1&2, Unit operations 1&2, Kinetics and reactor design, and Application of mathematics in chemical engineering.

Some of the projects I did in my undergraduate course:

  1. Simulation of MTO (Methanol to Olefins) Process by Aspen Plus (Thesis Project)
  2. Developing telephone book (Programming C++ Language)
  3. Effect of impurities on thermal degradation and corrosion of amine solution in South Pars desalination plants (Unit Operation)
  4. Design & Manufacturing of a Chemical Machine (Chem-E-Car).2016
  5. Study on DRA Fluid (Fluid Mechanics)
  6. Water production using heat pipes (Heat Transfer 2)
  7. Modeling the sudden cooling of a rod using Matlab software (Heat Transfer 1)
  8. Investigation of Ethylene Glycol unit of Shahzand Petrochemical in Arak (Mass & Energy Balance)
  9. Methanol to Olefins (Mass Transfer)
  10. Study on supercritical fluid (Thermodynamic)



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