My M.Sc. thesis is Entitled, “Electromagnetic absorption properties of Carbon-Black/MoS2/Co nano-composite for shielding Applications.” under the supervision of Dr. Prashant S. Alegaonkar, Associate professor and head of the department of Physics, CU Punjab.

Moreover, I got hands-on training in this project to prepare 2D materialbased nano-composite using solid-state synthesis route strategies. Where implemented to optimize synthesis parameter of preparation nano-composite as RAMs in combination with a characteristic technique available in our department further prepared nano-composite was implemented Fourier transformation infrared spectroscopy and UV-visible spectroscopy, Scanning electron microscopy, investigates microwave absorption properties over 2-18 GHz frequency, for this propose I visited DMSRDE, DRDO, Kanpur, UP, India. Establishment to carry out experimental work on Electromagnetic shielding setup under the collaborative terms b/w my project guide & Dr. Alok Dixit, Head of the department of strategic material at DMSRDE Kanpur conducted microwave measurement on my composite samples. In the laboratory, I prepared a polymer-based nano-composite in a specific (ASTM) formation to extract the scattering parameters for my samples. I learned operations and working no-hows of vector network analyzer (ASTM) mode fabrication and data analysis of the obtained sample. During my project work, I presented my research work at the “International Conference on Nano-material 2021” (ICN2021), organized virtually by Professor Dr. Sabu Thomas, vice-chancellor, MGU, Kottayam, Kerala attended my oral presentation and appreciated my efforts. One research paper titled Microwave scattering behavior of carbon black/ molybdenum disulfide/cobalt composite for electromagnetic interference shielding application has been published in the prestigious Material Chemistry & Physics, Elsevier.

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