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Department Name: Institute of Geology

I have successfully completed three projects and a  final thesis during my studies.

The first project was a 10 days detailed geological field work of the Muzaffarabad, Murree, Islamabad and Hazara areas of Northern Pakistan. The purpose of this field work was to understand the regional geology, stratigraphy and structural geology of these areas.

The second project was a two weeks comprehensive geological excursion of the Pakistan natural geological museum salt range, Surghar range, Kohat and Peshawar basin. the aim of the excursion was to focus on paleontology, petroleum geology, stratigraphy and structural geology.

The third project was a two weeks detailed geological field work of the northern areas of Pakistan. the objectives of this field work was to study the minerology, petrology, geotectonic and economic geology of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.

I have also done a thesis in my final year of bachelor’s. The title of the thesis was “The Impact of Stratigraphy and Tectonics on the Development of Pore Pressure; A Case Study in Chanda Oil Field, Kohat Sub-Basin, Sub-Himalayas, Northwestern Pakistan

The main objective of the study is

  1. To investigate the Kohat Sub-basin with respect
    to post drilling over pressure prediction for safe, efficient and economical will
  2.  Well control during drilling like to avoid mud loss, kicks and both surface and
    subsurface blowout.
  3. Fracture gradient calculations to avoid unwanted fracking in conventional reservoirs and desired in unconventional reservoirs of the basin.
  4.  Pore pressure generation mechanism with special emphasis on regional tectonics.
  5.  The basin filling mechanism with base level change by using the sequence stratigraphic domain.
  6. To use the results of this study as an offset well data for future well drilling in the basin

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