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Biotechnologist, Interested in cancer research and nanotechnology

I have been researching on cancer for 1.5 years at the Women’s Research Institute of Al-Zahra University. I am participating in the stem cell workshop…

Metabolic and exercise

Hello, my name is Mohammad Reza SOKHANVAR. Senior expert in sports physiology. My research activities are related to metabolic diseases and sports. I also work…

i am curious about aquatic organisms

iam omid khademzade and i’m phd student moreover i have 8years experience  relate marine fish and shrimp field.

I am a self-motivated, professional team player with experience of working on a range of international high-end single families. I am a fast learner that always tries to enhance and improve her skills and has never given up on finding perfect solutions.

I have completed my Master’s degree in ”Counseling and Guidance Psychology/Advanced Organizational Behavior” at JBAS College(Ranked A++ ), affiliated with the University of Madras-India. I…