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2009 (09/06): Ph.D. Marine Microbiology (interspecies interactions and hydrocarbon degradation), MPI Bremen
2005: M.Sc. in Marine Microbiology (symbiosis), Max Planck for Marine Microbiology/MPI Bremen (DE)


2022- now: Professor in microbial physiology and biochemistry
2018-2022 : Associate Professor in microbial physiology (tenured), University of Southern Denmark (DK)
2017 (6 mo.): Guest Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (USA)
2015-2018: Assistant Professor and junior group leader, University of Southern Denmark (DK)
2013-2015: Postdoc fellow in interspecies interactions, University of Southern Denmark (DK)
2010-2013: Postdoc in interspecies interactions, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (USA)
2009-2010: Postdoc in nanoscience, Institute of Nanoscience, University of Aarhus (DK)
FUNDING AS PI: 9+ million € since 2013


2022: European Research Council Consolidator Awardee
2021: Novo Nordisk Ascending Investigator
2015: Sapere Aude Research Leader
2016: Research Prize, Fyens Stiftidsende
2006: Teaching Award; Marmic; Max Planck Society Bremen (DE)
1998: Excellence fellowship, University of Bucharest, 3rd best entrance exam of ca. 1000 candidates.