About “Brian Cullum”


Professional Interests
Bioanalytical and Environmental Spectroscopy

Research in our group involves the development of novel sensing tools and strategies for the monitoring of biological and environmental systems at both the nano- and macro-scales. On the nano-scale, we are developing implantable sensors capable of being inserted into individual cells and optically positioned for the monitoring of cellular response to various external stimuli. On the macro-scale, we are developing new spectroscopic techniques for real-time disease (i.e., cancer) diagnosis in clinical and surgical settings.

Honors and Awards

2017 FACSS Innovation Award
October 12, 2017
‘Optical Reflection and Waveguiding of Sound in Free Space’

Fellow; SPIE
January 17, 2014
‘Intracellular SERS nanosensors and optical sensing techniques for environmental and biological monitoring’

Eli Lilly Analytical Academic Award
August 5, 2004
‘SERS Nano-Imaging Probes for Real Time Chemical Imaging’

R&D 100 Award
December 1, 2003
RAMiTS: Raman Integrated Tunable Sensor