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A/Prof Marquis trained as a biochemical engineer and has current interdisciplinary research projects across protein biotechnology and in the bio-nanotechnology interface. Current projects include developing recombinant enzymes for organohalide bioremediation, developing a bioprocess for a novel protein therapeutic, bioprocess development for therapeutic bacteriophage production, bioprocessing for plasmid DNA production, and the generation of recombinant spider silks.

In addition, A/Prof Marquis is the Academic Director of the Recombinant Products Facility (, which houses research infrastructure for fermentation, cell culture, mid-stream and downstream processing for protein production, purification, and characterization. The facility also provides expertise in developing and optimizing bioprocesses. The primary role of the Facility is to provide research support to the UNSW research community, however, the facility provides contract services for the wider research community and also industry. The RPF has a fermentation capacity of 20L and a variety of mid and downstream processing capabilities for the production and purification of proteins for research. In addition to running contract projects, we have a number of internal initiatives to investigate and optimize bioprocesses.