About “David Melancon”

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal. Prior to joining the department, I did postdoctoral research in the Paulino group at Princeton University, a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in the Bertoldi group at Harvard University, and a M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering in the Pasini group at McGill University. In my research, I study the highly nonlinear behavior of multistable structures. Taking inspiration from diverse fields such as architected materials, elastic instabilities in soft materials, and origami principles, I utilize simple geometric properties to enhance the functionality of these structures. I apply my results in the design and fabrication of large-scale deployable systems and nonlinear soft robotic actuators.

  • Project cost Funding amount:  23,000 $

Title Design optimization of multifunctional structures via embodied intelligence Motivation In the effort towards a sustainable future, engineering systems will have to meet the most…

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  • Position Duration Duration: 4 years
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  • University/Institute Name Polytechnique Montreal
  • University/Institute Name Department of Mechanical Engineering
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