About “Douglas Adamson”



  • Ph.D. University of Southern California
  • B.S. University of Evansville

Research Interests

We are a materials synthesis group. Typically, these materials are model polymers: well-defined polymers normally synthesized by high vacuum anionic polymerization and well characterized with respect to molecular weight, composition, microstructure and chain architecture. These polymers are produced by a “living” mechanism that allows for the construction of polymers as close to perfect as is possible outside of nature. Well-defined polymers have applications in a large number of research areas and we are particularly interested in bio-mimetic applications. We are also interested in the use of graphene and its derivatives as multi-functional nano-fillers for polymer composites. The unique aspect ratio, chemistry, and conductivity of graphene and graphene oxide make this an exciting material to alter and improve polymer properties.

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