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Research Activities

The processes of cell proliferation and differentiation are critical in the development and homeostasis of multicellular organisms and are thus tightly regulated. They are interested in the intracellular mechanisms by which extracellular growth factors regulate these processes.

The transforming growth factor bs (TGF b) superfamily of secreted polypeptides including, the TGF bs, activins and BMPs regulate such diverse biological responses as apoptosis, proliferation and differentiation in the developing and adult organism. Inhibition of cell proliferation is a widely studied TGF b response. Moreover, loss of TGF b inhibition of cell proliferation is often observed in tumor cells and may contribute to the pathogenesis of a variety of epithelial tumors such as colorectal carcinomas. The importance of these growth factors during development and disease has therefore sparked a great deal of interest in understanding the intracellular mechanisms of TGF b responses. Although progress has been made, these mechanisms remain incompletely understood. Their research interests are to elucidate the intracellular mechanisms by which the TGF b proteins regulate cell proliferation and differentiation. To achieve their objective, our research involves the use of various cell biology, molecular biology and biochemical techniques. Their work should provide important insight into the intracellular mechanisms of TGF b responses and its role in tumor.