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Email Verified Anna Szelwicka
Member since February 14, 2022

PhD in chemical engineering (organic processes, biocatalysis)

A highly motivated, self-directed, creative, and open-minded scientist with research interests in biocatalysis, biotransformations, catalysis, organic chemistry, and materials chemistry. Passionate about science. Focused on gaining new skills, linking and expanding knowledge to other fields (i.e. biotechnology and polymer chemistry). Skilled in planning and performing experiments, laboratory work, characterization of organic compounds and materials, managing of projects as well as optimizing and scaling-up of chemical processes. Experienced in cooperation with industrial companies. Co-author of 15 publications, 1 chapter, 10 patents, 2 patent applications, and a participant of 26 scientific conferences. Co-inventor of an innovative technology of the synthesis of ε-caprolactone. Principal investigator in a research project entitled ‘Studies on the catalytic performance of biocatalysts based on supported ionic liquids’ financed by Polish National Science Centre and contractor in additional 10 R&D and/or scientific projects.


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Silesian University of Technology
Overall GPA (%):  100
Silesian University of Technology
Overall GPA (%):  88

List of Publications (Papers, Book Chapters, Reviews, etc.)

Exceptionally active and reusable nanobiocatalyst comprising lipase non-covalently immobilized on multi-wall carbon nanotubes for the synthesis of diester plasticizers

Continuous Flow Chemo-Enzymatic Baeyer–Villiger Oxidation with Superactive and Extra-Stable Enzyme/Carbon Nanotube Catalyst: An Efficient Upgrade from Batch to Flow

Highly efficient synthesis of alkyl levulinates from α-angelica lactone, catalyzed with lewis acidic trifloaluminate ionic liquids supported on carbon nanotubes

Perdecanoic acid as a safe and stable medium-chain peracid for Baeyer–Villiger oxidation of cyclic ketones to lactones

Superactive tin(II) triflate/carbon nanotube catalyst for the Baeyer-Villiger oxidation

Protic ionic liquids from di-or triamines: Even cheaper Brønsted acidic catalysts

Carbon nanotube/PTFE as a hybrid platform for lipase B from Candida antarctica in transformation of α-angelica lactone into alkyl levulinates

Water-tolerant solid Lewis-acid sites: Baeyer–Villiger oxidation with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of gallium-based silica catalysts

PTFE-Carbon Nanotubes and Lipase B from Candida antarctica—Long-Lasting Marriage for Ultra-Fast and Fully Selective Synthesis of Levulinate Esters

Hard confinement systems as effective nanoreactors for in situ photo-RAFT: towards control over molecular weight distribution and morphology

Outperformance in acrylation: Supported D-glucose-based ionic liquid phase on MWCNTs for immobilized lipase B from candida antarctica as catalytic system

Light-mediated controlled and classical polymerizations of less-activated monomers under high-pressure conditions

Chemo-enzymatic Baeyer–Villiger oxidation facilitated with lipases immobilized in the supported ionic liquid phase

Method of epsilon-caprolactone synthesis by chemo-enzymatic oxidation of cyclohexanone in emulsion

Methods for increasing activity and stability of enzymes in processes carried out in presence of ionic liquids

Carbon nanotubes/nanorods in biocatalysis

Work Experience(s)

Postdoctoral researcher

  •  Technische Universitat Darmstadt
  •  Jan 2022 - Present

Postdoctoral researcher in prof. Nico Bruns group. Project related to degradation of plastics, characterization of products and flow chemistry

PhD student

  •  Silesian University of Technology
  •  Oct 2016 - Nov 2021

PhD student in prof. Anna Chrobok group. Scope: biocatalysis, organic processes, chemical technology, ionic liquids, carbon materials.

Research intern

  •  University of California, Irvine
  •  Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

Research internship in prof. Siwy group. Scope: measurement of conductivity of selected ionic liquids in nanopores, characterisation of ionic liquids

Research intern

  •  Queen's University Belfast
  •  Aug 2019 - Sep 2019

Research internship in prof. Swadzba-Kwasny group (QUILL research centre). Scope: synthesis and characterisation of protic ionic liquids

Research intern

  •  Selvita S.A.
  •  May 2018 - Jun 2018

Research internship in pharmaceutical company Selvita S.A. Scope: organic synthesis, flow processes.

Teaching Experience(s)

Academic teacher

  •  Silesian University of Technology
  •  Oct 2016 - Jun 2021

The teaching of students throughout PhD studies (approx. 130 h/ year). Scope: chemical technology, organic processes, kinetics, chromatography, biocatalysis and biotransformations.