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Applyindex aims to globally match master's, PhD, and postdoc applicants to research supervisors and universities through databases, data automation, and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Benefits for Applicants

Benefits for Applicants

  • Best matched supervisors & Saving time

    You easily find the supervisors matched with your research interests or background. Applyindex significantly reduces the time required to find suitable research supervisors by over 90%.

  • Two-way platform

    If supervisors find your CV appealing, they may reach out to you.

  • Application documents treasury

    We offer a wide range of document samples, including CVs, SoP, cover letter, etc. which are essential for the application process.

  • Friends, collaborators, roommates, etc.

    Our platform facilitates connections among applicants worldwide who share the same research interests. These connections can potentially serve various purposes, such as finding partners for English test preparation, collaborating on paper writing, building friendships, or even finding suitable housemates.

How to approach supervisors on Applyindex

Here is the step-by-step process to get to the academic supervisors who match your research interests or background. If they have any open positions, you can apply for them. Otherwise, you can pick up their e-mail address and contact them.

Benefits for Supervisors Benefits for Supervisors Benefits for Supervisors

Benefits for Supervisors

  • Automatic shortlisting saves time

    Our AI-powered tool shortlists applicants for you, regardless of whether you are on vacation or attending a family reunion. With us, you'll never miss out on exceptional candidates. It saves you over 90% of the time typically spent on applicant selection.

  • Two-way platform

    You have full access to a pool of talented applicants relevant to your research activities. As a supervisor, you can contact applicants if you like their CVs.

  • Best matched applicants

    You no longer receive irrelevant applications. You may save potential applicants for future contacts if you do not currently have any positions.

  • All-in-one

    All applications for a specific position are conveniently organized in one centralized location, eliminating the chaos of managing multiple CVs and cover letters from various applicants.

Having access to academic supervisors and educational opportunities is crucial in today’s communication- and technology-driven world. It takes a lot of time and energy for applicants to locate and communicate with supervisors at different universities. However, Applyindex has recently brought a significant transformation into the higher education market.

Applyindex is the matchmaker in academia! An innovative platform designed for applicants and research supervisors. By utilizing artificial intelligence, it effectively matches applicants with suitable supervisors, allowing them to save up to 90 percent of their time.

So, say goodbye to weeks spent searching for supervisors. But that’s not all. Applicants can also benefit from accessing a valuable bank of resume and motivation letter samples from individuals who have previously secured funded positions. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Applyindex!

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