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We officially launched the alpha and beta testing platform in January and July 2022, respectively. We are a newcomer in the higher education market, joining other platforms such as LinkedIn, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, FindaPhD, etc. However, we distinguish ourselves by striving to address the gaps left by other platforms.

The problems we solve

(i) For Applicants

During their academic journey, applicants often engage with academic supervisors to inquire about available positions, aiming to identify suitable supervisors for their prospective research. Usually, reaching out to potential supervisors before proceeding with other steps is necessary. However, locating and contacting supervisors who align with their research interests and activities can be an arduous and time-consuming endeavor, often spanning several weeks or a couple of months.

(ii) For Supervisors

Supervisors often find themselves overwhelmed with a large volume of emails containing CVs from applicants, requiring them to invest significant amounts of time in shortlisting qualified candidates. Unfortunately, a substantial majority, around 80%, of these emails turn out to be from irrelevant applicants. Consequently, they struggle to create a concise and organized list of potential candidates. Additionally, supervisors inevitably miss out on top-quality and relevant applicants amidst this clutter and chaos. Furthermore, there is a risk of overlooking excellent candidates when supervisors are away on vacation, in conferences, or engaged in other commitments.

Our objectives

We are to serve as a matchmaker between research supervisors and applicants, and between applicants. We aim to match master's, PhD, and postdoctoral applicants around the world with suitable research supervisors. They can find each other easier, faster, and more efficiently. We take them out of the current traditional, tiring, and boring way of finding each other. Furthermore, we aim to aid academic supervisors or principal investigators (PIs) in the process of identifying and choosing appropriate candidates for their research teams.

How we ease the life

(i) For Applicants

  • We offer applicants a comprehensive database of research supervisors worldwide and their contact details. As a result, we significantly reduce the time spent by applicants in search of suitable research supervisors, saving over 90% of their valuable time.
  • We offer a tool for the applicants to send emails to their matched research supervisors, acting as a virtual agent on their behalf and ensuring effective communication.

(ii) For Research Supervisors

  • Our platform provides research supervisors and PIs with an automated tool that can efficiently filter and select applicants, resulting in time savings of up to 90%.
  • Supervisors also have access to a pool of relevant applicants matched with their research activities. 

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