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I am a motivated and goal-oriented person. I benefit from the flexibility to work in a team.

I hold a master’s degree in food science and technology. My research focus is on the characterization of bioactive compounds from plants, algae, and animals and the evaluation of their biological effects. I also have experience and interest in edible coating.

I look forward to working on new ideas and skills in encapsulation and edible coating technology to combine them with my previous knowledge of extraction and identification to develop valuable materials with application potential.


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List of Publications (Papers, Book Chapters, Reviews, etc.)

Effect of chitosan-based coatings enriched with savory and/or tarragon essential oils on postharvest maintenance of kumquat (Fortunella sp.) fruit

Characterization of rheological and structural properties of a gum from Balangu seeds

Color and weight changes of fresh-cut banana slices coated by quince seed gum: Effect of concentration, storage temperature and duration

Structural characteristics, molecular properties and immunomodulatory activities of a xylogalactan from Diospyros lotus.

Work Experience(s)

Quality Control manager

  •  Pooyan Milk Industry Company
  •  May 2020 - Jul 2021

I was responsible for food hygiene and the production line. I was checking the activity of the laboratory and packaging unit in the factory. We used to check the quality and health of the manufactured products as well as the materials entering the factory in the laboratory.

Teaching Experience(s)

Chemical Properties of Food Materials

  •  Oct 2014 - Dec 2014

Grading tests and assignments, helping to hold laboratory sessions, and solving students' problems.