About “Danilo Ardagna”


He is working within the Dependable Evolvable Pervasive Software Engineering Group. His research aims to design, prototype, and evaluate self management algorithms for Service based and Cloud systems. The main expertise is the development of optimization and game theory models applied to the resource management of distributed systems. He is also involved in research projects developing Model Driven Design and management techniques for multi Cloud and data intensive applications.
Within the Cloud research area, He developed energy efficiency solutions for virtualized infrastructures. His PhD studies focused on the cost oriented design and capacity planning of distributed IT architectures. He worked in collaboration with several international universities and research centers.
His research has been funded by several national and international projects. Currently, He is the responsible for Politecnico di Milano research unit within DICE H2020 research project, developing Model Driven solutions for performance evaluation and optimization of data intensive applications. He is also leading a WP within the MODAClouds FP7 IP research project, developing Model Driven solutions for the design time exploration of Cloud systems. He has recently participated to FP7 ERC SMSCom, FP7 STREP Q ImPrESS, and FP7 NoE S Cube. He was the principal investigator of the GAME IT (Green Active Management of Energy in IT systems) project funded by Politecnico di Milano (5 per mille) and got the IBM faculty award in 2010, Microsoft Azure research grant in 2013, and Amazon AWS research grant in 2010 and 2012. He is also co investigator of the Poli RISPOSTA project (5 per mille).
Besides two patent applications (one already granted) in collaboration with IBM, a significant number of his publications are co authored with industrial researchers.



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