About “Toru M. Nakamura”



2005 Kimmel Scholar (Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research)

Postdoctoral Training, 1999 – 2004 The Scripps Res. Inst. (Russell Lab)

Postdoc. Fellowship, 1999 – 2002 (Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation)

Visiting Researcher, 1995 MRC Human Genetics Unit (Allshire Lab)

Graduate School (Ph.D.), 1993 – 1999 Univ. Colorado Boulder (Cech Lab)

Research Interests:

Their laboratory is interested in understanding how checkpoint and DNA repair proteins contribute to maintenance of telomeres, the natural ends of linear eukaryotic chromosomes. Proper maintenance of telomeres is crucial for stable inheritance of the genome. Various checkpoint and DNA repair proteins, including evolutionarily highly conserved checkpoint kinases Tel1 (ATM) and Rad3 (ATR), play important roles in stable maintenance of telomeres. However, mechanistic roles for various checkpoint and DNA repair proteins in telomere maintenance have not been fully established. Deregulation of telomere maintenance mechanisms has been found to be a key event in tumorigenesis, thus mechanistic insights on how various proteins collaborate to generate functional telomeres might lead to effective methods for preventing cancer.