About “Vural Butun”


Prof. Dr. Vural BÜTÜN was born in Ordu/Turkey in 1968. He graduated from the Department of Chemistry Teaching of Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) in 1990. He received his MSc degree from the same university in 1993. He has received his PhD at the University of Sussex-UK in 1999. Dr. Bütün’s first work experience was at a High School in Samsun as Chemistry Teacher in 1990. He became a Research Assistant at the Chemistry Departments of OMU in 1991. He worked for both OMU (1991-1994) and Eskisehir Osmangazi University (ESOGU, 1994- 2000) as Research Assistant.

After completing his PhD in UK, he returned to Eskisehir Osmangazi University-Turkey (ESOGU) and started to work at the Chemistry Department as Assistant Professor in 2000. He became Associate Professor in 2002 and Professor in 2007. Dr. Bütün was also employed by the University of Sussex as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in 1999. He has also visited the University of Sussex, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry (Prague) and Hungarian Academy of Science (Budapest) as visiting research fellow. He has fulfilled various commission membership at ESOGU, such as the Faculty Board, Faculty Board of Directors, the Institute Board of Directors, Scientific Research Project Commission, University Selected Board Member. He is the Founder of both “Department of Polymer Science and Technology” (2012-2022) and “Central Research Laboratory Application and Research Center” of ESOGU (2012-2022). Additionally, he was The Dean of Faculty of Arts and Science (2016-2020), The Manager of Metallurgy Institute (2007-2009) and the Head of Chemistry Department (2009-2010). He has published more than 90 scientific papers and two book chapters based on water-soluble polymers, surface-active polymers, self-assembly, cross-linked micelles, microgels, nanometal dispersions, nanofilms via LbL technology, schizophrenic copolymers, etc. His papers have been cited more than 4300 times (WoS). His h-index is 29 (WoS). He is also the owner of various scientific awards. Some of them are given below;

– 2004 Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Science Encouragement Awards

– 2004 TUBA-GEBIP Outstanding Young Scientist Award – 2004 TÜBİTAK Science Encouragement Award,

– 2005 PAGEV Plastic Technology Research Award – 2006 Tunc Savascı Polymer Science and Technology Award

– 2008 Popular Science Award

– 2021 Gold Molecule – 100 Turks Who Directed Chemistry Science in the World

– 2021 ESOGU – Service Award

– 2009-2015 Associate Member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences

Prof. Dr. V. Bütün is married and has two children. Currently, he continues to work in Chemistry Department of Eskisehir Osmangazi University.



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