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Master's degree in Chemical Engineering- Environment. Have a lot of research in water and wastewater treatment. Have two conferences article in this area and my journal article will prepare in a couple of next months. Have 2 certificates in laboratory management and HSE's concerns. Strong knowledge of Chemistry, Renewable Energy, Mathematical problems, and treatment ways and type of pollution. Have a teaching background in the academic profile.

September 8, 2022

Dear Selection Committee,


It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application for the Ph.D. position in applied Chemical engineering- Environment with a focus on water and wastewater treatment, Renewable energy, biotechnology, polymer synthesis and application, green chemistry, membrane separation, and etc. I received an M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering-Environment from the Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), the top-ranked University in Iran, with a focus on Water and Wastewater Treatment. I believe that my education, interest, skill set, and extensive experience make me a suitable candidate for the doctoral program.

My motivation to pursue a study in Environment and water treatment originated from the undergraduate program when I passed Environment courses. Therefore, being eager to gain some research experience after graduation, I began my MSc in Chemical Engineering-Environment. During my master’s studies, I passed several courses related to Special Topics (Energy and Environment), Biotechnology Renewable Energies, Air-Pollution Control, and water & wastewater Treatment. Furthermore, I have made great efforts to learn about various pollution in water and a variety of way to treatment by conducting several theoretical and research projects.

During my master’s thesis, I studied the movements and behavior of colloidal particles and examined them. Measurement of the colloidal particle’s settlement velocity and observing their reaction when using different coagulants resulted in two conference articles at the second national conference on environmental science and engineering and sustainable development CIVILICA. I have several journal articles that will be published as soon as possible several weeks later. Some of my in-progress article titles will be “Hydrothermal analysis of the novel helically coiled tube and Eco-friendly nano-fluid (GAGNPs /H2O) in ground heat exchangers as a Source of Sustainable Energy” and “Performance evaluation of the novel vertical U-tube and Eco- friendly nano-fluid (Red wine-rGO/H2O) in ground heat exchangers for energy storage” will publish in journals Energy Reports and Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, respectively.

I did the experimental plan by using the Design-Expert software and comparing the model prediction with experimental data for the correctness of tests. Also, I’m familiar with numerical simulations after several years of studying chemical engineering and I learned this topic through some courses, for example in the Advanced Mathematics course, I solved the heat and mass transfer numerical problem by the finite element/volume method that included formulation and simulation. This research contained a cube that it was drying and through equations governing and formulation, I obtained the constitutive equations of heat transfer and mass governing the problem and solved the equations by the finite element/volume method and for observing the cube drying used simulation and MATLAB software.

I believe it is the best place for me to spend my doctoral program. I was intrigued by your journal papers in the area of water treatment and solid-liquid separation. I believe joining your group with such high-quality research is an excellent opportunity to test my skills and learn new materials.

Several features of this program are particularly attractive. Firstly, there is an abundance of experience in the Laboratory which will undoubtedly be useful for a Ph.D. student. While I do believe that I am prepared to function independently, I am eager to collaborate with existing researchers to learn from their expertise. Additionally, studying in this position provides golden opportunities: advanced research labs and interaction with elite researchers. I also admire the interdisciplinary nature of the program. The opportunity to work with such a breadth of expertise is exciting.

After several years of extensive study in wastewater treatment, I would like to continue researching and building systems that help people. I am confident that my solid background and passion for research will help me to accomplish my tasks in the best way. I believe that my admission to this Ph.D. program is a significant step toward my long-term goal: to be an influential scholar and a creative researcher.

Your requirements closely match my background and skills. A few I would like to highlight that would enable me to contribute to your research group are:

  • Hands-on practical experience in lab management.
  • Skilled in experiment design and work with laboratory stuff and experience in setting up and running laboratory systems.
  • Knowledge of mathematics and chemical engineering.
  • Extensive teamwork and professional collaboration experience, Comfortable performing research and conducting presentations of information, Professional communication and clear report writing abilities.
  • Experience in relevant software tools: MATLAB, Design Expert and Microsoft Office.

My CV and transcripts are enclosed, and my letters of recommendation are ready to be sent upon your request. If you would like further information regarding my candidacy, please let me know.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Best Regards,

Behnam Fayyaz Shahandashty


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