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I'm self learner person who is eager to learn new things. I finished my masters degree in life sciences, my masters degree work include molecular docking, organic synthesis and antimicrobial testing


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Sunway university
Overall GPA (%):  72

List of Publications (Papers, Book Chapters, Reviews, etc.)

Abdella, M., Abdella, B., & Lahiri, C. (2021). Rediscovering and repurposing natural microbial macromolecules through computational approaches. In S. Das & H. R. B. T.-M. and N. M. Dash (Eds.), Microbial and Natural Macromolecules (pp. 373–400). Elsevier.

Work Experience(s)

Research assistant

  •  Sunway University
  •  Oct 2019 - Nov 2021

- Molecular docking and molecular dynamics.
- Developing the synthetic pathway of organic chemical compounds.
- Organic synthesis
- Characterization of the synthesized chemical compounds.
- Testing the lead compounds against different types of Microorganisms.
- Teaching students in the practical classes.

Quality control senior chemist

  •  Global for Industrialization and Development
  •  Feb 2016 - Aug 2019

- Monitoring the processes and achievements of RO unit and the rest of water treatment system installation, fabrication, and making reports.
- Supervising all the legal authority of samples taken by the ministry of health.
- Planning the well operation schedule and monitoring to this schedule.
- Writing and monitoring the purchases requests for laboratory equipment.
- Perform the chemical & microbiological analysis of water.
- Analysis of raw material.
- A sampling of water (from the well till finished product).
- Training of the technicians.
- Training of newly hired laboratory chemists
- Lead the Quality control team’s members.
- Ensure the product quality.
- Calibration of the laboratory instruments.

Research and Development Chemist

  •  Alexandria for Detergents and Chemicals Company
  •  Sep 2013 - Feb 2016

- Conduct research and development of new products.
- Improve existing products to reduce cost, improve performance or simplify manufacturing
- Test competitors’ products.
- Analyze properties of competitor products.
- Prepare samples for customers.
- Maintain formulations and specifications for current products.
- Maintain MSDS for raw materials and maintain the chemical database.
- Validate batching of new or reformulated products.

Quality control chemist and microbiologist

  •  The Arab Company for Gelatine and Pharmaceutical Products (Arab caps)
  •  May 2011 - Sep 2013

- Media preparation, suitability test for used media, growth promotion test.
- Microbial limit test for non-sterile products and raw material
- Microbiological environmental monitoring.
- Sterility testing.
- Microbiological water analysis for Raw Water and industrial water (after purification)
- Antimicrobial activity test.
- Writing S.O.P
Chemistry department (water lab): chemical analysis of water system, such as (Performing all
chemical analysis for Raw Water and industrial water (after purification) such as:
- Determination of Iron & Manganese.
- Determination of Total & free Chlorine.
- Determination of Total Hardness, Alkalinity, pH & Conductivity.
- Total organic compounds (TOC).
- Total dissolved solids (TDS).
- Calibration of pH Meter & Conductivity Meter.
- Dealing with UV-Vis Spectrophotometer.
- Dealing with colorimetric reactions.