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I'm a curious person about cutting-edge subjects in material science, 7 years of experiences in R&D unit in a company beside MSc in Material science and engineering makes a good history to work on state-of-the-art subjects

I desired to electrochemistry, especially electrocatalyst coatings about 7 years ago, when the company I’m working for (APZ-Sharif Company, Xenode®) decided to work on different types of electrochemical electrolyzers.

In the first 5 years, as an R&D expert, I worked in characteristic of Mixed Metal Oxides (MMO) coatings, synthesis, and development of new electrocatalyst coatings, running different type of electrochemical tests and different characteristic tests.

Next 2 years, I promoted to R&D Senior Expert to manage development projects. During these 7 years, many products from MMO coating family developed both industrially and commercially.

theses days, I am working on surface modification of Solid State electrolyte  Li Battery to decrease Electrical Contact Resistance between Li and Electrolyte. All Solid State Li Batteries is my favorite field.


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List of Publications (Papers, Book Chapters, Reviews, etc.)

• The effects of combination of severe plastic deformation and Shot Peening surface treatment on fatigue behavior of 6082 aluminum alloy

• Combining severe plastic deformation and surface treatment to improve the fatigue life

Work Experience(s)

Nano Material Expert

  •  in Iran Nano-technology Innovation Council (INIC)
  •  Mar 2013 - Sep 2014

evaluation of Nano materials developed by Iranian companies.

R&D expert

  •  APZ-Sharif
  •  Oct 2014 - Oct 2019

a member of R&D team working on developing different types of Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO)/electrocatalyst Coatings such as: anodes for Hypochlorination, Anodes for Chlor-Alkali process, Cathode for Chlor-Alkali process

R&D Senior Engineer

  •  APZ-Sharif
  •  Oct 2019 - Present

working on developing MMO anodes as a Team leader

Teaching Experience(s)

TA in Static Course (BSc)

  •  Sahand University of Technology- Iran
  •  Jun 2009 - Dec 2011

Teaching and Taking exam in Static Course.