Sidra Rashid
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To work in dynamic and challenging environment.

Choosing to become a PhD scholar is not a decision that I have taken lightly. I have thought
exceptionally very long before deciding to apply. I was aimed to complete advanced studies through
my courses in science and my appreciation has fully grown as I have evolved through the years. With
the progress in research projects particularly cancer research, love to analytical instruments made me
to realize I was created to work in the field of cancer biomarker detection to serve the human kind.
During graduation, I worked in chemistry lab where I learned about different types of synthetic
mechanisms and chemical modification processes, to make compounds from small molecule which
render them effective and less or non-toxic. With this approach in mind I planned to work on skin
regeneration during master program at Interdisciplinary Research Center of Biomedical Materials
(IRCBM), COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus in 2018. I also worked on hydrogel
formation of silk fibroin with chitosan for in depth bone regeneration. All these projects were the
base for the skin related problems even including skincancers.
After completion of MPhil. thesis, I joined IRCBM as Research Assistant in Sensor & Biosensor
(S&B) group. Here I completed several projects predominantly in the field of electrochemical
biosensors related to cancer biomarkers besides optical and flourescence based nanoprobes and have
published several research articles. Here in this lab I learnt basics of actual interdisciplinary research
which works at the interface of different fields of science including physics and biology in
collaboration of analytical chemistry. Our group have also developed an electrochemical prototype
as an early warning system for on-site screening (product development) of food products in
agriculture industry. Throughout the course of these projects our team had to correspond frequently
with mentors in academia and industry and this involvement has broadened my appreciation of
practice and application in a real life situation.
With these different experiences and knowledge obtained I will be able to work in dynamic and
challenging environment in order to get the exposures of the advanced cancer research and possibly
pave the way for new inventions I will hopefully, be able to resolve not only the mystery of advanced
electrochemical research ideas, but also be able to contribute towards the translational research at the
interface of different fields in the area of cancer research.


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List of Publications (Papers, Book Chapters, Reviews, etc.)

Dopamine/mucin-1 functionalized electro-active carbon nanotubes as a probe for direct competitive electrochemical immunosensing of breast cancer biomarker in Sensors and Actuators. B (IF=7.1) Sidra Rashid, Mian Hasnain Nawaz, Ihtesham ur Rehman, Akhtar Hayat, Jean Loius Marty

Label free ultrasensitive detection of NS1 based on electrochemical aptasensor using polyethyleneimine aggregated AuNPs in Microchemical Journal. (IF=3.59) Sidra Rashid, Mian Hasnain Nawaz, Jean Loius Marty, Akhtar Hayat

Nanoceria Surface: The most sensitive redox-triggered one step nano-amplifier for flourescence signal of Ochratoxin A. Journal of nanostructure in chemistry. (NSC-D- 2100057R1) (IF=4.2) SidraRashida1MuhammadNasira

Tailoring the surface coordination of Nitrogen doped Nano Titania to design-a specific fluorescence signal amplification probe for Ochratoxin A detection in Materials Chemistry and Physics.

witchable fluorescence sensor toward PAT via CA-MWCNTs quenched aptamer- tagged carboxyfluorescein in Food Chemistry. o (IF=6.3) Reem Khan, Sidra Rasheed, Jean Louis Marty, Akhtar Hayat

Work Experience(s)

Research Assistant

  •  Interdisciplinary Research Center in Biomedical Materials.
  •   - May 2023

 Electro active CNTs as electro-active carbon nanotubes as a probe for direct competitive
electrochemical immunosensing of breast cancer biomarker
 Electrochemical aptasensor for label free ultrasensitive detection of NS1
 Signal amplification for muccin-1 using dopamine
 Fluorescence Based Structure Switching Apta Assay for Patulin Detection
 Nitrogen doped Nano Titania as an Ochratoxin A specific fluorescence signal
amplification.Nitrogen doped Nano Titania as an Ochratoxin A specific fluorescence signal amplification.
Filter paper based sensor for acetone detection
 Development of Advance bone fillers based on calcium phosphates for
Fabrication of scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
 Synthesis and characterization of silk fibroin/ clay for skin regeneration
 Conductive polymer composites for tissue engineering applicationsCONFERENCES & PRESENTATIONS
 1st international symposium on biosensors at IRCBM. 2018
 6th International symposium on biomaterials at IRCBM 2018
 Poster presentation on Silk Fibroin/ Fullers Earth scaffolds for 2018 Skin Tissue
 International conference on modern trends in chemistry and energy 2018
 International conference on modern trends in chemistry and 2019 energy

Teaching Experience(s)

Analytical and Physical Chemist