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PhD positions, especially fully funded positions, are in high demand for postgraduate candidates. Herein, Applyindex provides a strong search engine for a wide range of applicants worldwide. Students can filter PhD positions against 5+ parameters like required research skills, location, university name, department, and required computer skills. The PhD positions listed here are advertised by either a PhD supervisor or the Applyindex account. Therefore, the instructions for applying to these positions may differ as follows:


(1) If a registered academic supervisor on Applyindex has posted their available position(s), you should contact them directly via their profile. You need to send your expression of interest (EOI) and attach any required files such as the research proposal, transcripts, CV, or motivation letter. Some supervisors might care about the exact alignment of your research interests and their fields of work. If your research background and interests do not match with supervisors’ research activities, you won’t be able to apply for their available positions. 

(2) Otherwise, if the Applyindex account has advertised a PhD position, you should follow the position description. Most of the positions posted here are from European universities, i.e. TU Darmstadt, DTU, Lund University, etc. For these PhD positions, you need to officially apply for the position via a department’s or university’s website. Thus, you should read a position’s description carefully to find out how to apply. Please be aware that you should NOT send any EOI(s) to apply for these positions.

PhD positions and the chance of financial support

Nowadays, the number of applicants who are looking for master’s and PhD vacancies overseas is increasing dramatically. Among them, fully funded PhD positions are the most favorable. Compared to the master’s applicants, PhD applicants have a higher chance of winning financial support. Academic supervisors, universities, and industrial sectors dedicate most funding sources (ca. 90%) to PhD vacancies.

Usually, applicants from developing countries such as Nigeria, Iran, India, Iraq, China, and Pakistan apply for available PhD positions for international students in developed countries like the USA, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, etc. There is a lot of financial support for prospective PhD candidates worldwide such as PhD scholarships in Australia, the Marie Curie PhD scholarship in Europe, etc. Most PhD applicants need to contact academic supervisors before receiving an official university admission letter.

For example, if prospective PhD students are applying to an Australian university, they must get in touch with research supervisors before beginning an official application process. It is a must-do task! On the contrary, they can contact supervisors in the USA after getting an official admission letter from a university.

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