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To sign up for Applyindex free membership, kindly complete the provided form and submit your request. We assess your research interests and background before granting you active user status. Once your identity is verified, we will send you your username and a link to set up a password.

Select at least 4 research areas and fields of study you work on

    How it works for supervisors

    1) Go to "Applicants" page

    How it works? On Applyindex, despite the norm currently existing in applying for universities, research supervisors or principal investigators (PIs) can approach applicants. You can search for suitable candidates that are the best fit for your research group.

    • What can you see on the "Applicants" page?

      Candidates directory

      You can filter students based on their GPAs, English test scores (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, etc.), research skills, computer skills, h-index, the languages they can speak, etc. If you care about their academic gap years, you could also refine them on this basis.


    Step 2

    Focus on targeted ones

    How it works in the second step?

    Please make sure that you read through all the information and details you should know about your targeted candidates.

    • No need to read CVs one by one

      We shortlist them for you

      Applyindex provides an accurate algorithm that automatically shortlists the applicants for you. It can save you time up to 90%.


    Step 3

    Start a discussion

    How it works in the third step?

    If you are interested in any students' resumes, you can contact them to talk about your available position.

    • Haunt the talented ones!

      Start Discussion

      Do you think that a student's CV credentials meet your minimum requirements? Are they suitable for your research group? If yes, do not hesitate! Hit the "Start Discussion" button on their profile.