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I am akshita yadav. I am a resident of India and completed my masters degree in physics in 2021 and now looking for PhD opportunities abroad to increase my knowledge and network in my subject

I have done my master’s of science from the central university of Punjab where I have learned about various subjects and the one most intriguing for me is functional nanomaterials. I am more of an experimented person so the synthesis and characterization part fascinates me more. I have done my M.Sc. project which comprises two things first I was on electromagnetic interference shielding hence I gained knowledge about how electronic devices and radar system works and second, I have prepared a 2D nanomaterial composite as the countermeasures or shielding material for electromagnetic interference. I am looking for a supervisor who can give me the opportunity and correct guidance to do more research and I expect to gain the trust by giving my 100 percent results.


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University of Central Punjab
Overall GPA (%):  70

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“Microwave Scattering behaviour of CB-MoS2/Cobalt composite for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Application

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